The difference is in the taste.
No Artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives - Guaranteed.
Maestro Gelatiere e Sorbetiere

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Zelati was established in 2009 by a true passionate 'foodie'.

20 years ago, Alberto embarked on a journey from Manila to Wellington.  Little did he know how beautiful and pristine New Zealand was, realized this was a far contrast to the fast paced environment he was used to.  He gradually fell in love with the fresh surroundings, friendliness of the people and simpleness of living, from that time onwards he decided to stay. 

Alberto noticed the abundance and availability of real and fresh food in New Zealand.  'Good food' had always played an integral part of his life.  During his younger years, Alberto assisted and contributed thoughts in the setting up of his father's restaurant.  He had the opportunity to critique and sample their cook's Philippine cuisine creations which is traditionally a fusion of Filipino, Spanish and Chinese influence with careful consideration on flavour, appearance and consistency.

After years in information technology and the corporate world, he reconnected with his love for good food.  A self confessed 'chocoholic', Alberto learned the art of chocolate making in Melbourne, Australia to become a Chocolatier.  This period of curiousity led him to discover the 'Holy Grail of Frozen Food' and further pursued the art of Gelato and Sorbet making in Italy.  There, he trained alongside the very best and world renowned Gelato Connoisseurs.

His curiousity led him to wander the cobblestoned back streets to sample the local Gelaterias of Firenze (Florence), Modena, Bologna and Rome.  He then discovered the best are made only by a 'select few' who create their Gelato and Sorbet from scratch using real ingredients instead of premixed powder or pastes which usually contain artificial flavouring, colours and preservatives.

He then brought back to New Zealand his intimate knowledge, skills and 'passion' to make a true and uncompromising Gelato and Sorbet from scratch using select, fresh, real and gourmet quality ingredients.


As a painter refines his artwork thru intricate and detailed brush strokes to become a masterpiece.  Alberto honed his skills to perfect his craft. Each flavour is given careful thought to 'balance' - taste, texture, mouthfeel and the visual.

Alberto would love to share his creations with you.